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King Single Ensembles & Bed Bases

Complete your bedroom with a quality king single ensemble!

Do you have a rapidly growing teen with limbs so long they now hang over their single bed? Bring much-needed versatility to their bedroom with a King single ensemble.

Longer and wider, the King single bed ensemble gives you extra room without stepping up to the larger footprint of a double. They are also perfect for those who are downsizing, or for a roomier option in your spare bedroom.

These durable products feature ensemble bases combined with a mattress. They can easily be updated, with nothing more than a change of bed linen, making them the perfect solution for anyone seeking a sturdy and low-maintenance bed option.

Each ensemble bed is also different, with a variety of features and advantages. Whether you suffer from back and neck pain, break out in sniffles and itchy skin due to allergies, or sleep in an awkward position, there will be an ensemble that will cater to your needs.

Browse through our impressive collection of King single ensembles today. Our beds, mattresses, and ensembles feature products from well-known brands such as Sleepmaker, Orthokinetic, Super Dream, and Sealy, so you know you're in good hands. We also offer you the amazing prices that let your decorating dreams come true, no matter how big or small your budget is.

Get started by browsing and shopping online now. For further help or to try out our great ensemble beds, visit your closest Super Amart store or showroom today!

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